What We Offer

We specialize in servicing content creators. We provide the means to get propel a project from preproduction through production and postproduction. Whether it's video content creation, audio production, equipment specialization, or rental space, we have
the experience and tools to work at the professional level you need.




Cyc Wall

22' X 17' X 12.5'

Welcome to our cyc wall/sound stage.


It offers over 375 square feet of production space, viewing area, and detached dressing room. The cyc wall comes pre-lit at 5,600 Kelvin and provides three 20-amp breakers. Additional lighting and power can be pre-ordered (visit our studio space page to book your next session!).


Need a specific color? Let us know and we can help you get it.  




Audio Recording 



The perfect space for PRODUCERS and RECORDING ARTIST.


Whether you're an engineer and need a space to bring your clients or you're looking for an engineer to record you, we guarantee a great experience.

Our audio studio provides a recording control room and iso booth.  This studio is great for voice-over work, cutting commercials, and tracking vocals.  Work with one of our skilled engineers or bring your own.   





Production Work



Get the right people on the job.  Our full service production crew is here for your project.  Skilled producers, writers, camera operators, and editors are here to get you from script to screen.

We have your next project covered, whether it is for marketing or entertainment.  We pride ourselves on creating superb work and using quality equipment that gets the best results.










Ludisian partners with industry leaders, because it is important to us that the right people are on the job.


As producers, we know that other services must often be called on.  We partner with local and national companies in order to push the creative envelope and make the best product possible.  Style, creativity, and skilled professionals are to be expected.