We are a production company specialized in a number of areas relevant to modern
creative environments. Our services include video content creation, production
equipment service, and studio rentals. For more than a decade, we have worked with a variety of businesses, marketers, artists, and filmmakers to make engaging and
effective content.







As co-founder of Ludisian, Dave has worked in the TV and film production business for more than 2 decades. 


He’s worked on award-winning short films and features and recently served as the editor and cinematographer for the documentary A Bright Future: West ISD Rises Up, which ran on television in Texas’ largest markets, and has spearheaded commercials for the likes of CBS, FOX, Paramount, and the Texas Rangers.

Dave also produces projects for Nancy Lieberman Foundation, C5 Youth Foundation of Texas, Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, and The North Texas Food Bank. 


As co-founder of Ludisian, Michael has been involved in content creation for over 10 years. With his experience in team management and business development, he has helped bring a creative collective to life in Ludisian Legion Entertainment.

Michael's experience also includes working behind the camera to working in front of the camera. 

At Ludisian, Michael's focus is on video production  and team-based projects. He works closely with writing and editing teams, while also going out on production to DP, gaffe, camera op, or whatever the job calls for.